Jul 10, 2014 | | Atlanta, GA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Dr. Lipman, I could not think of anyone else to email at this late hour…after starting my menstrual cycle today. It is still amazing how my mind and body is on auto-pilot to wake up at this hour to change the towel on my mattress as well as my diaper because of the heavy blood flow I would normally receive. I just returned from the bathroom and the minipad that I’m wearing has only a few drops in it. I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BELEIVE THIS!!! Not sure you remember me, but you performed the UFE procedure on me on 4 Nov 09. Before I heard about the UFE procedure, I was close to deciding on a hysterectomy. My health and my life was a mess. I was severely anemic…hemoglobin down to 8.1 and dropping, thyroid level all over the place, suffering from urine incontenence because fibroids were resting on my bladder and strapped up like a gangster with pads and tampons! I had pads everywhere, in the car, in my office, in my bible, in every purse, in my children’s luggage, in my boots…etc. At times, I thought I would literally bleed to death with periods lasting 3 weeks every single month. My blood clots were painful and scary! The clots would drop into the toilet like little Angry Airborne Aliens! Sometimes I would stand up and blood would explode into my panties and run down my leg into my shoes. I cried many nights because I felt helpless and embarrassed. I couldn’t enjoy many of the activities I enjoyed because my periods kept me prisoner. Not anymore! I have my life back and my family has me back. My hemoglobin level is already up to 10.3, my thyroid (TSH) is normal and I no longer suffer from urine incontenence. I just started training for a marathon. I plan to spend lots of time at the beach this summer…in a swimsuit! This summer I can wear the cute, short sun dresses and can fall asleep on my girlfriends couch if I need to. Thanks so much for performing this amazing procedure. I cannot express how grateful I am to you and your staff. …I just checked again. Still only a few drops. God is good! Going to bed, not planning to get up until it’s time for work. Thank you Dr. Lipman!!!!! Goodnight!

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